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I'm Jordan.

and you are...

probably ready to tell a new piece of your story.

Being behind a lens is my breath of fresh air.

Watching, learning and getting to be a part of the stories you're creating.

I dove head first into this business (officially) in January of 2020 and since making that jump, I have never looked back.

I believe that the greatest joy any two people will experience, are each other.

That is exactly what you will see throughout every session I have captured.


If you are feeling excited, maybe a bit uneasy about being in front of a camera, or someone who wants to do something a little different than the standard-the best thing to know about me, is that none of my clients fit into any one specific box.

It is my pleasure to be someone who celebrates your moments with you, while genuinely treasuring and sharing your perspectives.

In this life, I have found that sometimes, our photos are all we have to look back on. Through hardships, triumphs, a stroll down memory lane or as a way to remember a loved one. 

My work reflects the tiny gaps in any given moment that people often forget about.

 The sun across your face, the smile shared before a kiss, the angle of someone on the outside looking in.


A love story, deserves a permanent tangible memory.

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